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Franzosini and Butti Ltd.
Two reputable customs declarants join forces to make life easier for clients who import and export goods to and from the UK, via their new office in Dover

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Franzosini & Butti Ltd.
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Since 1929

Every day thousands of tons of goods of all types cross our borders, moving by road, rail, water or air.
Our customs specialists declare over 150,000 shipments per year which cross the Europe borders, both for imports and exports. The execution of customs formalities are done at inland customs desks, and our clearing crew are supported by the most modern IT systems, with a direct connection with customs.


Expertise, professionalism, and an extensive network for import customs declarations from EU, EFTA, and non-EU countries.


Assisting you with exporting goods to the EU or non-EU countries, guiding you at every stage of the process.


Supporting your goods-in-transit requirements and ensuring proper customs clearance for seamless transport.

Easy Datacenter

Go paperless and simplify with EZDatacenter – providing digital archiving solutions for all essential documents.

EU Customs

A combined 90 years of addressing clients’ EU customs requirements with precision and dedication.


Navigating the complexities of the Northern Ireland Protocol and Intrastat for smooth cross-border trade.

Behind the Story


F&B Customs LTD is the result of a successful collaboration between two long-standing family-owned companies with a rich history of expertise and excellence in customs clearance operations. The Franzosini family has over 90 years of experience in Swiss customs clearance operations, with a reputation for excellence and precision dating back to 1929. The Butti family has been involved in customs clearance operations since 1968, with a deep understanding of European customs regulations and procedures.

Together, these two families have joined forces to create F&B Customs LTD, offering clients unparalleled expertise and personalized service for all their customs clearance needs. Whether you're importing goods from the EU, EFTA or non-EU countries, or exporting goods to these regions, our team of customs specialists is here to help you navigate the complex customs clearance landscape and ensure that your goods clear customs quickly, efficiently and with the lowest possible charges.

At F&B Customs LTD, we understand that every client and every shipment is unique, with its own set of challenges and requirements. That's why we work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and develop tailored solutions that meet their unique needs. With offices strategically located across the UK, our team is well-equipped to handle all aspects of customs clearance operations, including inland customs desks and border clearance capabilities.

Our commitment to excellence and personalized service has earned us a reputation as one of the leading customs clearance providers in the UK. We are proud to serve a diverse range of clients across a variety of industries, including manufacturing, distribution, automotive, and food and beverage.

Whether you're a new client or an existing one, F&B Customs LTD is here to help you succeed in the global marketplace. Contact us today to learn more about our import and export customs services, and how we can help your business thrive in the post-Brexit UK customs landscape


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The new UK customs clearance project, Franzosini and Butti F&B LTD, is a story of hard work and resilience. It is the result of over 40 years of partnership working towards smooth customs clearance operations between the EU and Switzerland.

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Customs clearance office in Dover

Customs Clearance office in Dover Franzosini and Butti (F&B Ltd) opens customs clearance office in Dover to help imports and exports after Brexit A new customs clearance office has opened in Dover - bringing together leading Swiss and Italian firms, united by an...

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