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Swiss quality and experience, Italian dynamism, and English professionalism make F&B your trusted partner for your import customs clearance.

Every day, thousands of tons of goods of all types cross our borders, moving by road, rail, water or air. Our customs specialists declare over 150,000 shipments per year which cross the borders for imports and exports.

Avoid incorrect or hasty customs declarations: This can lead to high customs charges, which sometimes reach grand proportions, without any responsibility to the freight forwarder.

F&B Franzosini and Butti Ltd. represents a reference for the international market, with highly prepared customs declarants at its offices, thanks to our experience in European customs, and in Switzerland.

We offer practical solutions, efficient structures, and reduced waiting times. We utilize the latest technology to create a simple, automated exchange of information between the supplier, the client and the customs office. Customs formalities are executed at inland customs desks or at the border, and our clearing crew are supported by the most modern IT systems, with a direct connection to customs.

Behind the Story

F&B is a collaboration of two family owned companies. Together, they will help existing and new clients navigate the difficulties of customs clearance and import/export in post-Brexit UK 


When goods to be exported from the UK to a member State or to a third country (AELS or Extra-EU State), they must be declared to the competent customs authority. To ensure the proper conduct of export customs clearance, you must always have a competent expert by your side to assist you throughout the entire customs procedure. Professionalism, experience and a capillary network for our use allow us to offer focused consultancies as well as a wide range of punctual and reliable services:


Export customs declarations to EU countries


Export customs declarations to EFTA countries


Customs declarations to other non-EU countries


Advice on customs and tax matters


Transit customs declaration


Carnet TIR / ATA


Warehouse Free point