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EUR1 goes digital

May 2, 2021

EUR1 goes digital.
As part of the broader process of simplification and dematerialisation, the Italian Customs Agency has launched the project to digitize the EUR1 certificate, certifying the preferential origin of products exported by national companies to countries that have signed free trade agreements with the EU .

The procedure called “EUR1 full digital” – whose operating instructions can be consulted on the website of the Italian Customs Agency in the Digital Services Section – is currently in an experimental phase, for exchanges with Switzerland only – which involves the officials of the Agency of the Italian customs in the support of interested economic operators, to whom support and assistance are provided, in order to identify and overcome any critical issues pending the definition of the trial, set for 28 February 2022.

The results of the experiment are considerable. mainly aimed at small businesses, lacking the necessary requisites to access the status of authorized exporter: the drastic reduction of the paper EUR1, resulting in significant cost savings and fluidity in the customs clearance phase, translates into greater competitiveness of companies in proposing themselves to commercial partners of accordion countries. Implementation of digital EUR MED and ATR circulation certificates is underway.