Customs Clearance Expertise in Dover

Franzosini and Butti (F&B Ltd) opens customs clearance office in Dover to help imports and exports after Brexit

Franzosini & Butti (F&B Ltd), an amalgamation of Swiss and Italian logistics expertise, proudly announces the inauguration of its new customs clearance office in Dover, tailored to streamline import and export processes in the post-Brexit landscape.

Nestled in the bustling hub of Dover, this office emerges as a beacon of efficiency, symbolizing the synergy between the renowned Swiss transport and logistics connoisseur, Franzosini Group, and the Italian customs virtuoso, Butti Dino. Together, they herald a new era of customs facilitation, offering over 150,000 annual declarations for cross-border shipments into Europe.

As the UK navigates the complexities of newly-minted regulations, F&B Ltd’s Dover-based customs clearance services stand as a testament to the proactive and adaptive spirit of these family-founded entities. The Dover initiative is a strategic response to the burgeoning demands of Brexit’s commercial reshaping.

Marco Tepoorten, the visionary at the helm of Franzosini Group, elucidates the organic partnership’s evolution: “Our collaboration is a natural extension of our shared values and history, converging to deliver exemplary customs clearance services in Dover.”

Alessandro Butti, the director of Butti Dino, reflects on the transformative impact of Brexit: “This pivot has necessitated a competitive edge in an evolving marketplace, one we’re confident our Dover office provides.”

With the support of Locate in Kent, F&B Ltd has established its Dover presence on Cannon Street, appointing the seasoned customs connoisseur, Evelynne Morris, as the UK manager. This strategic move fortifies the group’s dedication to exceptional customs clearance services, bridging the UK with Europe.

For inquiries and seamless customs clearance solutions in Dover, contact us:

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