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Two reputable customs declarants join forces to make life easier for clients who import and export goods to and from the UK, via their new office in Dover

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Every day thousands of tons of goods of all types cross our borders, moving by road, rail, water or air. Our customs specialists declare over 150,000 shipments per year which cross the Europe borders, both for imports and exports. The execution of customs formalities are done at inland customs desks, and our clearing crew are supported by the most modern IT systems, with a direct connection with customs.


Professionalism, experience and a vast network for Import customs declarations from EU, AELS and Extra UE countries


Our team can help you export your goods into the EU, or non-EU countries, every step of the way


We support you in all requirements of the transport of your goods in transit and ensure the correct handling of customs clearance

Easy Datacenter

Think paperless, think easy with EZDatacenter. We offer you digital archiving support for all relevant documents.

EU Customs

We have a shared 90 years of taking care of customers’ EU customs needs


The Northern Ireland Protocol and Intrastat

Behind the Story

F&B is a collaboration of two family owned companies. Together, they will help existing and new clients navigate the difficulties of customs clearance and import/export in post-Brexit UK 

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Stay up to date on news and interesting facts of customs, on import and export procedures. Don't miss our articles about our company and the contributions of our experts.

Simplifying customs in a post-Brexit world

Simplifying customs in a post-Brexit world

By Cassandra Tanti – November 4, 2021 link to   Simplifying customs in a post-Brexit world Situated between France and Italy, the Principality of Monaco is an active transport and logistics hub, with potential to grow. Christian Tepoorten is a...